Laser laitteet


MX7000 fractional CO2 laser
MX7000 fractional CO2 laser The Ultra Dream Pulse System from DAESHIN is one of the most technically advanced lasers of its kind and combines the innovative design with uncompromised performance. Precise tissue vaporization and coagulation, improved surgical visilbility and inherent sterilization, excellent hemostatic with generally no dressing requirements, reduced surgical time and minimal post-operative discomfort, precise surgery with minimal damage to tissue, minimal necrosis adjacent to the target tissue, and so on are affordable with DAESHIN's laser system. Unlike others, DAESHIN's laser system has unique Ultra Dream Pulse Mode, an innovative Ultra Pulse Mode, with which the pulse width and the pulse interval are easily adjustable, making a wide variety of surgical applications maximum flexible and perfect. Thanks to the new innovative development for years, dream comes ture with Ultra Dream Pulse System.
Smaxel CO2 laser - fraktionaalinen
General Surgery Indication - Corns, Warts etc - Freckles - Birthmarks(mole) - Skin resurfacing - Phimosiectomy - Tumor elimination - Hemorrhoids and anal fistulas - Fine wrinkle - Condyloma - Syringoma - Snoring Dental Surgery Indication - The second implant operation - Hyper sensitive - Hemostasis after dental extraction - Herpetic gingivitis - Crown lengthening - Frenulum excision - Gingival excision - Gingival plastic operation - Cleaning of dental cuticle cyst - Removal of pigmentation - Pulp capping -Fluorine coating - Allergic splenitis - Sterilization in paradental cyst - Sterilization in root canal - Abscess treatment Fractional Surgery indication - Skin tightening - Wrinkle - Large pore - Acne scar - Skin resurfacing - Stretch mark - Laser peeling - Rubbing mode - Pudenda - LVR
Ultra Dream Pulse laser DS-40U
CO2 -laser kirurgiaan.Kosketusnäyttö. Max teho 30W. CW, Super pulse ja Ultra pulse.
Fraktionaalinen laser MultiXel 40UB
MultiXel is a scanning type fractional ultra-pulse CO2 laser, in which the surgeon can control freely Scan Area, Density Level and Beam Degree. MultiXel is an advanced ultra-pulse CO2 laser of 90㎲, which increases treatment effects while minimizing the influence to neighboring tissues as a fine laser beam is irradiated. 1. Filter life : 1,000 hours maximum 2. Four-stage filtration : Prefilter, Carbon filter, Hepa filter (primary filter added, strengthened function) 3. Various speed control to compensate for the airflow and suction in operation standards 4. Electric power cut off just by touching the foot switch only one time during operation 5. Silent operation making communication between medical workers easy 6. System that offers easy movement and operation 7. Product that can be combined with lasers of Daeshin Enterprise
Nd:YAG Q-Switched & long pulsed laserlaite
Yhdistetty pitkäpulssi ja Q-Switched nanosekunti Nd:YAG laser. Soveltuu verisuoni-, pigmenttimuutosten, tatuointien ym. hoitoon.